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10/10/2018 – DR. ISAAC B. HORTON, IIIEpisode:

The Art of Growing Really Really Fast With Dr. Isaac Horton, III

The Art of Growing Really Really Fast (A Special Show for Small Business and Entrepreneurs around the world) Dr. Horton has 32 years of experience in technology, patents, international …

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10/03/2018 – Tracy MacEpisode:

Check-Up From The Neck-Up,  A Modern Day Mental Health Check Up with Tracy Mac (5 Things You MUST KNOW)

Tracy “TracyMac” McNeil, known as “The Life Solutionist” blends her twenty-seven years of experience with federal, state and local governments, the private sector, educational and non-profit organizations and being an …

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9/19/2018 – Supreme Moore OmokundeEpisode:

HOW TO IMPACT CHANGE on the local level – With and Without Elected Leaders

An in-depth, exciting and inspiring look into the grassroots community front-line with Supreme Moore Omokunde. This show offers a fresh new perspective of how we’re all connected, we all count, …

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9/28/2018 – Mark VieraEpisode:

Special Guest MARK VIERA

Mark Viera, Comedian Born and raised in The Bronx, New York, Mark Viera became fascinated with comedy early on. Mark and his older brother would pass the time watching the …

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