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Gail Gibson, President-Multicultural International Motion Picture Association and President of Gibson Public Relations A NEW Color & Gender Revolution, Like It Or Not – Join the ladies at Not Just Talk Radio Roundtable as they discuss an open real…(Read More)

A Roundtable Conversation A deep dive conversation, covering one of the most disappointing weeks in America — listen in to unfolding new perspectives with Tina Wynn, Toni Brown, Jewel Carter, and LaTanya Junior…(Read More) LaTanya Junior, Host Tina Wynn & Toni Brown, Co-Host VIP Round-table Guest Gail Gibson, President-Multicultural International Motion Picture Association & President of Gibson Public Relations Tracy Mac, CEO, TracyMac Solutions for Life Institue Ursula Smith, Marketing & Communications…(Read More)

NISHA CHANDRA-STROBOS, MD How To Save Ourselves and Our Families Show Link: Nisha Chandra-Strobos, M.B.B.S., M.D. Chief of Cardiology, Johns…(Read More)

The Art of Growing Really Really Fast (A Special Show for Small Business and Entrepreneurs around the world) Dr. Horton has 32 years of experience in technology, patents, international business and finance. He began his career as a research chemist for the…(Read More)

Tracy “TracyMac” McNeil, known as “The Life Solutionist” blends her twenty-seven years of experience with federal, state and local governments, the private sector, educational and non-profit organizations and being an ordained elder (teacher), since 1994, into her expertise as a certified life coach and consultant. A 14-year life coach, which began in…(Read More)

An in-depth, exciting and inspiring look into the grassroots community front-line with Supreme Moore Omokunde. This show offers a fresh new perspective of how we’re all connected, we all count, and we have the power to be the change. It’s worth a listen…(Read More)

Mark Viera, Comedian Born and raised in The Bronx, New York, Mark Viera became fascinated with comedy early on. Mark and his older brother would pass the time watching the popular TV shows of the 70’s and 80’s. It didn’t take long before he began to emulate the characters he came to…(Read More)